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whatsapp sex kontakte domina halle

"Assessing the Value of Cooperation in Wikipedia". The Wikipedia Revolution, chapter Then came the Bots,. "Internet encyclopedias go head to head". They are coordinated in part by Meta-Wiki, the Wikimedia Foundation's wiki devoted to maintaining all of its projects (Wikipedia and others). Jeff Loveland and Joseph Reagle (January 15, 2013). 54 In the November 25, 2013, issue of New York magazine, Katherine Ward stated "Wikipedia, the sixth-most-used website, is facing an internal crisis". "Nature's responses to Encyclopaedia Britannica". Alternative edit policies at Wikipedia in other languages. "In UK, rising chorus of outrage over online misogyny". It also has non-sexual photographs of nude children. "Wikipedia: The Free Online Encyclopedia and its Use as Court Source". London: Telegraph Media Group. 355 356 Studies related to Wikipedia has been using machine learning and artificial intelligence to support various operations.


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281 At the time of the Tretikov appointment and her posted web interview with Sue Gardner in May 2014, Wikimedia representatives made a technical announcement concerning the number of mobile access systems in the market seeking access to Wikipedia. (See also Mobile access.) Search engines Some web search engines make special use of Wikipedia content when displaying search results: examples include Bing (via technology gained from Powerset ) and DuckDuckGo. (Originally published in The Journal of American History.1 (June 2006 117146.) Wilkinson, Dennis.; Bernardo. As of 23:24, Thursday, May 23, 2019 ( UTC ) The procrastination principle dictates that you should wait for problems to arise before solving them. In European conference on information retrieval (pp. Even these rules are stored in wiki form, and Wikipedia editors write and revise the website's policies and guidelines. Although Wikipedia content has been accessible through the mobile web since July 2013, The New York Times on February 9, 2014,"d Erik Möller, deputy director of the Wikimedia Foundation, stating that the transition of internet traffic from desktops. In December 2008, access to the Wikipedia article Virgin Killer was blocked for four days by most Internet service providers in the United Kingdom after the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) decided the album cover was a potentially illegal indecent. Medical information See also: Health information on Wikipedia On March 5, 2014, Julie Beck writing for The Atlantic magazine in an article titled "Doctors' #1 Source for Healthcare Information: Wikipedia stated that "Fifty percent of physicians look up conditions. Retrieved February 25, 2019.

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