Single community berlin rapperswil

single community berlin rapperswil

9 Schauspielhaus Zürich is one of the most important theatres in the German-speaking world. Of the rest of the households, there are 20,472 married couples without children, 14,554 married couples with children There were 4,318 single parents with a child or children. The line forms a major part of an important international railway link between northern and southern Europe, especially on the Rotterdam-Basel-Genoa corridor. Overpass API OpenStreetMap Wiki Of this area,.79 km 2 (3.78 sq mi).0 is used for agricultural purposes, while.33 km 2 (6.69 sq mi).6 is forested. On 18 February 1916, the SBB decided that electrification of its network would be by the high-tension single -phase alternating current system that is still used on all routes. There are several community sites providing help for Overpass API and overpass turbo related questions. It is the recommended channel for introductory to expert level questions or more generally, if your question is interesting to a wider.

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OpenStreetMap is one of them. ;- Though I tend to put them in a See also: link instead of directly in the headline. Thank you for nominating my image for. Pitke ( talk ) 09:03, (UTC) Good look on your plant trip ;- (but what do you mean with the Augusta Luise reference? Best wishes, Nadiatalent ( talk ) 12:18, (UTC) You are welcome - I appreciate you photos and that you are taking the time to understand the probably sometimes bizarre categorising system! Der Beamer verkündete einen Vortrag von Gregor Gysi! Locomotives edit, locomotive class, traction type, number: drive axles Number: total axles Series or sub-class Classification type Capital letter Lower case letter 1st number 2nd number Roman numeral superscript Possible values A;B;C;D;E;G;H;R absent or a;e;m Natural number Natural number. Thankfully, the term Tamar Estuary is used to cover everything north of Cremyll (including the Lynher and Tavy estuaries) - so Category:Tamar Estuary is useable as a catch-all.- Nilfanion ( talk ) 09:58, (UTC) Picture of the Year voting. I do not understand what I have done, a bad click somewhere, I'm afraid : actually I appreciate your comment and I never took it negatively. All the best, - Anna reg ( talk ) 07:15, (UTC) Quality Image Promotion edit Photo challenge - September edit Hello, I checked the Hungarian watchlist notice. single community berlin rapperswil


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I see you've set "Newsworthy" to photos taken this year. Lycaon ( talk ) 06:27, 17 September 2010 (UTC) Oh, of course. I'll probably have a bash at this myself in next few days.- Nilfanion ( talk ) 22:02, (UTC) Done a bit of research to work it out. Anna reg ( talk ) 08:53, (UTC) Yeah, getting cultivars not growing on the path of a few select Flickr rose enthusiasts is quite a longshot. Best wishes, - Slaunger ( talk ) 13:43, (UTC) Thanks a lot for pointing out the new template - all the more as I frequently add translation templates - the only thing I'm not alltogether happy with is the. Dafür hab ich dieses da rausgenommen, das halte ich nämlich für einen Oleander. Under the first draft revised system, the first five digits were each designated as nil, as was already the case with various other European railway companies. Das war überhaupt ein Phänomen bei der Reise: Über all hatte ich wlan (ausser im Regionalexpress). I can think of at least two completely different ways to include them, but perhaps you were thinking of something else entirely?

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Having three, say, would give even more scope for each theme to be radically different in style so appeal to different people. Re 4 2 0 Re 4/4 II Re 4 3 0 Re 4/4 III Re 4 5 0 planned: Re 4/4 V (Locomotive for Zürich S-Bahn) 5: Multiple units, motor coaches and railcars 50: Long distance multiple units 51: Multiple. Dann war mein Thema 3D-Rendern dran. That is the reason why I emptied these subcategories and integrated their content in the main category. I see two possibilities - either we include 'button collecting' in the gallery about buttons (and decide which name we like better) or we change the name once again from clothing buttons. Fleur-de-farine 08:43, (UTC) I fear not (as I don't think I've heard those cultivar names before). ;- I think they are okay as they are now, but it would sound better to change Grundfarben in künstlichen Objekten to Künstliche Objekte in den Grundfarben - I'm just not sure if that doesn't also change the emphasis of the theme a bit. Pitke ( single community berlin rapperswil talk ) 11:44, 16 November 2012 (UTC) Great! Anna reg ( talk ) 08:17, (UTC) Try asking at MediaWiki talk:WatchlistNotice - that's where I made the initial request.

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